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LEGO® Club empowers children to explore design techniques, engineering principles and physics – learning how things work, are build and how things are stabilized.


Each session new models will be built to demonstrate different concepts. Buildings, people, robots, cities, furniture and houses are just a few examples of what will be built.

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Through LEGO® therapy, children can learn to communicate with others, express their feelings, change their behaviour, develop problem-solving skills and develop a relationship with the world around them.

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Robotics &

LEGO® helps make abstract STEM concepts tangible by taking teaching out of the textbooks and putting it into the hands of your students. Create moving robots and more

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Technics &

Technics introduces complex technical functions, compared to the simpler brick-building properties of normal LEGO®. The concept was introduced as the Expert Builder series and originally

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LEGO® Duplo is a product range of the construction toy LEGO® by The LEGO® Group, designed for children from ​1 1⁄2 to 5 years old.

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LEGO® Education WeDo 2.0 brings to life 280 building elements that motivate students to collaborate, build, problem-solve, and explore, all while deepening their STEAM learning and developing 21st-century skills.

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Pupils get to grips with science by actually seeing how solutions to problems work.

  • They can use LEGO® bricks to have fun doing scientific experiments.

  • Students build models that investigate forces, motion, basic mechanisms and structures.


Together we make coding a reality with LEGO® Education

  • The hands-on learning approach is about providing pupils with opportunities to experiment with their surroundings as a form of problem solving through coding.

  • The unique combination of building with the familiar LEGO® bricks, using easy-to-use coding software and engaging curriculum relevant STEM challenges

Engineer & Robotics

Club members develop and engineer their own problem-solving technology with fun, exciting engineering projects.

  • We get students designing, building and testing robots that can carry out complex tasks, record live data, respond to environmental changes – and much more.

  • Design and build your own programmable robots using high-quality components like motors, sensors, gears, wheels and axles.

A smart and fun way to tech in STEAM

LEGO® Education helps you equip elementary students with the necessary STEM knowledge and skills to be innovative and imaginative thinkers.

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